bat for lashes, the wizard, fur and gold
bon iver, skinny love, for emma forever ago
bat for lashes, sad eyes
beniot pioulard, rays in the tallow, christmas gift from ghostly
breathe owl breathe, black bear, canadian shield
“”, toboggan, “”

spokane, the absentee, small commotion
“”, protocol,””
“”, thankless marriage, “”
o’ death, down to rest, don’t mess with texas, best of sxsw
cassettes won’t listen, paper float, “”
black hollies, paisley pattern ground, “”

top of the hour- break

the big sleep, bad blood, sleep forever
the dodos, fools, don’t mess w/..
thurston moore, frozen guitar, trees outside the academy
“”, the shape is in a trance, “”
wilco, you are my face, sky blue sky
wilco, hate it here, “”
seth bernard, dinosaur, earthworks music sampler 3

calexico, sonic wind, even my sure things fall through
beck, new round, the information
“”, dark star, “”

mmw, cat creeps, let’s go everywhere (kids album)
“”, let’s go everywhere, “”
“”, where’s the music, “”

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