April is National Poetry month and always serves as a refreshing reminder of how fortunate I am to be a poet employed by a library.   When not reading or writing poetry I can at least raise public awareness of some great poetry collections, youth poetry contests and literary events and resources by writing blog posts like this one.

A few years back I was asked to contribute some reviews of new poetry books to the library collection for the weekly column,  In the Stacks which is featured in the local Juneau paper.   I spent a few days that week at my desk pouring of some new work by poets previously unknown to me who have since become favorites, like David Budbill, Hayden Carruth, Natasha Trethewey, Brian Turner, Martin Espada and more.  Reading poetry, taking notes and drinking coffee and getting paid,  an English major’s dream!

So it’s April again, National Poetry month, and in preparation for next week’s column I’ve collected a stack of new arrivals from the back room of the library that look promising.  Just started reading Campbell McGrath on the bus ride to work and am already looking to get my hands on his other books.  Here’s my list of new poetry, my workload for the week, amazing.  Keep an eye out next week for a post to my reviews of these titles.

    Seven Notebooks: poems.  Campbell McGrath (2008, Harper Collins)
    Bikeman: an epic poem. Thomas F. Flynn (2008, Andrews McNeel)
    Behind My Eyes: poems. Li-Young Lee (2008, W.W. Norton & Company)
    Dear Darkness: poems. Kevin Young (2008, Knopft)
    The Shadow Factory: aphasic memoir. Paul West (2008, Lumen Books)
    One Secret Thing: Poems. Sharon Olds (2008, Knopf)

Here are few reviews from years past.

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