This is a long time coming.  I have really been listening to music in an entirely different way since leaving radio.  What I mean is, before when hosting CrossCurrents on KRNN, I felt like I was constantly scanning for new music, trying to piece together songs that rang true with rich sounds, dark ambiance and clever songwriting.  Now without an outlet, I find myself listening to a lot of the same music again and again but in different situations and at varying levels.  Running, biking, cruising the city with the dogs, standing on the Broadway Bridge watching sea lions in the river, whispered Neko Case or blasting DBT, different moods, different moments, but without the effort to collect it all and produce something for others.  But without the show and the friends that I regularly jived with about new music, things feel different.  So I thought I would give this a shot.  So here’s the first of possibly more Bloodcasts.  Turtle Blood Radio.  Dig.


Download (mp3, 86.2MB, 47:07)

Playlist (artist, song, album)

devendra banhart, rosa, smokey rolls down the canyon
dr. john, i don’t wanna know, trueblood soundtrack
cobra verde, playin’ with fire, “”
dbt, sounds better in a song, decoration day
dbt, outfit, “”
del mccoury band, mill towns, it’s just the night
dbt, late for church, gangstabilly

breathe owl breathe, cold ships, ghost glacier
“”, boat, “”
andrew bird, tenuousness, noble beast
“”, measuring cups, mysterious production of eggs
dbt, angels and fuselage, southern rock opera

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