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The bluest of blues, quick snapping, hard hitting, handclaps and the ever present grind of Auerbach’s guitar put Brothers, the latest from the Akron duo, The Black Keys leaps and bounds beyond the explorations of Attack and Release (2008, produced by Danger Mouse).   Touched up with sweet Fender Rhodes work and the careful production of Auerbach and band mate Carney, Brothers rips, bashes and soars through the full spectrum of The Black Keys signature dirty-blues repertoire.

I was sold on these guys when I heard their dissonant cover of Dylan’s Wicked Messenger on the soundtrack to I’m Not There and since then have grabbed every album they’ve put out.  Though despite the hype of Attack and Release, I felt like it couldn’t quite fill the cavernous shoes of its reviews.  Brothers however sunk its sharp hooks into me early and often capturing the essence of the blues and soul revivalist trend in a way that only Sharon Jones and the talented DapTones crew has yet to do.  Check out the full album at NPR-First Listen and grab the sweet cover of Jerry Butler’s Never Gonna give you Up below. I’m already fired up to see these guys when they roll through Portland in October.

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