Wanted to thank my good friends Bridget and George and wish them a fantastic journey through the desert enroute to Austin where they will be making their debut in SXSW.  They invited me over to their Portland studio digs yesterday where we battled the chill in the warehouse air, got weird and recorded some of my poetry with their accompaniment on midi, keyboards, bass and guitar.  We really found a unique sound on a few grooves, so can’t wait to hear the output.  Will likely be upgrading this blog shortly and begin featuring some podcasts to get my radio jones on and will post some of the recordings from the Kuhar/Cross/Lamb happening.

Here’s a early draft of a piece I wrote at the studio prior to the session and that we recorded right off the bat and really nailed.

black blood, white flesh

dark unrequited love
alcoholic desire for a
cocktail of plasma

the best part of
old films
aside from the way
the silence works its way
into your brain until
you tell your own
story to fill the spaces
between the flicker,
pop and white space
of the film reel

the best part
is the obsidian streak
and signature bite marks
black blood on white flesh
so much black and white
that your memory
merges with the music
especially with a live score
in a small gallery space
so loud it could not be
separated from that
haunted night
halloween 2008
and lost in the rawkus
noise, reverb on so many
that you whispered
at intermission
into my ear
that tevukas had
that night
and my mom
ringing on the phone
moments after you put
Finn down,
but he didn’t wake
not Finn,
not Tevukas
despite 92 years
of calisthenics

but the vampire
he woke, every night,

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